We work for innovative entrepreneurs and businesses to transform their ideas into unmatchable digital products. We believe and specialize in user research that leads the idea all the way to success. We help you turn your dream and vision into reality by making users fall in love with the user experience of that product or service

Our Vision

Empower people to reach new horizons of technology and savvy perspicacity for the whole world.

Our Mission

We aim to be the reason of change in trends of businesses from standard to “out of the box” approach for organizations, individuals and societies, through inventive intelligence, creativity, rationality, research & most of all eliminating all kinds of barriers in the use of technology.


SeekUX was started by a team that believed on teamwork. Friends with skills, passion and experience in technology shared their thoughts and vision of playing a vital part in taking the technology to the levels where it really decrease the efforts. Our passion of technology drives us to have the passion for learning and professionalism. SeekUX means knowing the technology and seeking to develop more user friendly digital products. Users are known in depth to create new or transform the existing product they will love to use. ‘

SeekUX is based in Woodland California i.e. the heart of the silicon valley. But our teams are placed in different parts of the world such as Australia, Asia and United States. It makes us an ideal organization for user research and experience with a diverse perspective. Our international presence gives us a great competitive advantage to know about the users from various different background and having diverse natures and psychographics.