At SeekUX, before working on any project, we research its competitors, to initiate strategic management. We understand the project’s strengths and weaknesses, and compare it with the current and potential competitors, keeping in view the market trends as well for the purpose of accurate and confident decision making

SeekUX is all about research. Our research begins from idea and gets to its real life execution. Inventive idea or innovative idea, both needs user as well as competitive research. Every idea needs success. Other than a lot more factors, it primarily involves knowing what we are doing, for whom we are doing it, and also who else is doing it for our target users. Answers to these questions gives us the direction and insight of idea development, grooming, marketing, competing and ultimately making the idea successful.

The experience, skills and approach of the competitive research at SeekUX is our identity. Knowing the competition, users, ourselves gives us and the idea a unique confidence that leads to having a competitive advantage.

Strategic decision making about any idea, website or app becomes simple, easier, practical and possible. Competitive research also enables any idea, website and/or app to consider various micro and macro factors to know a lot of things what we can do with our idea or cannot? The competitive research done at SeekUX answers various important strategic questions about the idea execution such as,

  • What is going on in the market similar to our idea and where are we standing?
  • What will be our developing, marketing, branding, advertising, positioning, pricing and various other strategies?