SeekUX follow recognized usability principles, also known as heuristics. Heuristics is the most optimal approach to problem solving( Problems regarding the User Interface of a website or mobile application). It is quick, accurate, easy and cheap

SeekUX implements heuristic evaluation to identify the problems and usability issues regarding the interface design of a system. SeekUX implies both heuristic evaluation and usability testing side by side because both can miss some evaluation points but with their combined effect they bring to an optimal solution with almost a problem free system, and in a perfect world, totally problem free.

SeekUX identifies major and minor problems with the help of heuristic evaluation approach with its defined characteristics also known as heuristics. These evaluations can be further divided into three targeted categories i.e.

  1. The usability of the design( Website or Mobile Application)
  2. The look and feel about the visuals, their user experience.
  3. The functionality and navigation of the website or mobile app.

SeekUX caters the following heuristics while evaluating any particular system.

  • Visibility of system status( User be informed through, icons navigation, and time management about the system, Basically showing what’s going on?)
  • Match between the system and the real world( We make real scenarios in such a way they match with the targeted audience. visuals, content naturally and logically plotted to the system)
  • User control and freedom( SeekUX emphasis on usability ease, like empowering the user on the system, to experience perceived control.)
  • Consistency and standards( We make sure user controls, icons, terminology, and error messaging are consistent throughout the interface.)
  • Error prevention( SeekUX prevents Errors to occur in the first place, we evaluate system designs to prevent errors, we also empower the end users to undo actions in a way to minimize user information loss.)
  • Recognition rather than recall( We prioritise to reduce user’s memory load by evaluating icons, objects and options visible, in such a way that the user doesn’t have to recall the information from one screen to another.)
  • Flexibility and efficiency of use( SeekUX categorize novice and expert users differently, we provide “accelerators” for experts and enhanced information for novice users respectively to navigate through the system efficiently.)
  • Aesthetic and minimalist design( We avoid overloading of content or irrelevant content/design, so that it does not compete negatively with the relevant information visibility.)
  • Help Users Recognize, Diagnose, and Recover from Errors( SeekUX helps in expressing errors in simple languages, expressing what’s wrong and giving optimal solutions for the errors e.g. FAQs etc.)