At SeekUX we gather, organize and present, all the information, graphics and content that a website/project possesses, to make it most convenient for the end user to navigate and utilize and also for the client to handle

Information architecture is just like the architecture of a home or a building where convenience and facilitation of the residents (users in our case) is the top most priority with enforcing all the standards.  Information architecture at SeekUX is all based on rigorous user research regarding the project and the market standards to facilitate the whole project at every step from the idea screening to marketing. Yes, information architecture has a lot to do with the idea execution and further success of the project (Website, app or software) including the marketing. We can confidently say that based on our experience and various researches that when the users find all the information they need easily with understanding it and knowing what’s going on around, they love wandering on the website or app. Such facilitation gives support to marketing.

The creative information architecture team of  SeekUX ensures that all the concerns of the users are addressed and it is a science within the art. We have tested ourselves with large information systems involving the scheming and structure of information, labeling and representation of information, information search and navigating the information. Information architecture caters some of the very important issues regarding information on the website of mobile app. It involves the scheming and structure of information or content in a way that user could easily predict that where is what. The Information architects of SeekUX ensures that the users can seek all the desired information on the website or app even at the very first time.

SeekUX’s information architecture team organize the content and information such as images, text, document, application, graphics, call to actions (CTA’s), important messages, banners, ads or anything with the help of research, users insights and preferences. Moreover, information architecture planning leads us to build the wireframes of the projects in order to eliminate the additional problems before design and development.

SeekUX keeps in view these traits while catering information architecture

  1. Know the Stakeholders: For every idea, project, task or work to be done, knowing the key stakeholders make life simpler and better.
  2. Know the users in-depth: If we know the people for whom we are trying to create a difference for specifically our idea, project, task, website or mobile app will be more about user and it’s preferences, including success obviously.
  3. Focus of the website and/or app: It is also about determining our own identity and presenting it to the world. It is actually finding out what we have to offer.
  4. Creating sitemaps: Sitemaps are the maps, graphical and hierarchical representation of the website and/or app simply like the foundation of a building.
  5. Website/ app navigation structure: The structure of the website/app to build and develop an idea on.
  6. Wireframes Creation: Modeling, shaping and creating appearance for the idea.