At SeekUX, our researchers understand and interpret the functional roles of Personas (Fictional Characters) regarding the user experience. These study factors can be demographic, psychographic, or even geographic. These techniques help us utilize our full potential, & help us in goal clarity, productivity and most of all project success

A Persona represents a number of people sharing similar traits and behaviors towards the usage of a product, technology or service. The users types are created and identified by user research and web analytics measuring different factors qualitatively and quantitatively. Not only the demographics, the user research also caters psychographics in detail. Depending on the situation and availability of data, user research can be extended to any level. Most common factors for user research are purchasing behavior and decisions, user preferences about the usage of technology or products, lifestyles, attitudes, motivators and stimuli towards the usage.

For SeekUX, creating Persona is very interesting because fictional characters are established on the basis of scientific research. We highlight the characters representing the different user groups. The demographics and psychographics of the users are analyzed and explained in the personas enables the business to plan and make all the business strategies according to the needs and wishes of the user.

Major elements in a Persona

  • Fictional name
  • Job Description
  • Demographic factors like age, gender, status etc
  • What are the goals of this user (representing a user group) regarding the usage of website of mobile app.
  • Results of the data analysis regarding Psychographics like buying behavior, likes and dislikes, personality, attitude, values etc.
  • Images and other form of representations can be used to discuss more about the user and the user group.
  • Presentation of detailed information about the necessary factors.

SeekUX teams are expert in information architecture and so the personas are made with precision in terms of information, format and easy to understand analysis. The personas made by SeekUX are totally user focused and according to the nature of the business and organization.

Why Personas

  • People love to convert ideas into businesses.
  • The primary objective of any business is to make profit.
  • The profit can be maximized by increasing the number of users or customers
  • The users are increased by giving them what they need, want or demand and satisfying them.
  • All the satisfaction depends on how well the business know their users and how it treats them
  • The users are known through user research with demographics and psycho-graphics and Personas are made to get to know the user especially for the new business and product.

Unlike the past, businesses and companies today are more interested in the psycho-graphics of every individual user at the micro level because of the competition and special and different needs and wants of every user. It is undoubtedly very difficult and somehow impractical especially in terms of cost. So the users are categorized in different groups and personas are made. The personas of SeekUX are made with rigorous research to keep up with efficiency and effectiveness by gathering and analyzing the user information and applying it to take the business on the track of success. The focus of the user research conducted at SeekUX is kept on psychographics rather than the demographics. The analysis of psychographics enables us to categorize the users with similar traits in different groups.

Every user demands customized services and products today. Traditional and generalized offerings for a large number of users are not much effective these days. The Personas display in-depth information about the user attitude and behaviors.

Personas of SeekUX gives you bigger, broader, wider, denser and multi-dimensional picture of your idea presented to the user.

How Are Personas Built?

Personas are based on research so any of the research methods can be used to built Personas. SeekUX use these research methods such as observation, interviews, questionnaires, qualitative data collection, surveys and  to built Personas with rigorous analyses. The most feasible, productive, efficient and practical method is selected and research design is established. The current users or the users to be of any product or service are approached and their psychographics and ethnographics are analyzed to have a closer idea about the usage of the product. The user experience at SeekUX depends a lot on the personas and with the research valuable information is yielded regarding the user’s behavior, attitude, motivation, stimuli and other psychographics

Where Does Persona Development Begin?

The first step for persona development is to have all the stakeholders intact. Everyone should know the importance of Personas and the understanding of all stakeholders about the personas and the impacts give the users the optimal user experiences. Personas can be developed at anytime of the product lifecycle because the main objective of personas are to give the business better understanding about the needs, wants and demands of the users.

When Persona are developed?

Normally, Personas are organized and developed at the start of any business before the idea execution. It is because the user and the behavior of the user regarding the new product, service or technology is not certain at this point of time. Personas can also be developed any stage of the product life-cycle to know more about the user. Personas development can be an ongoing process especially when the users of a product or service are diverse in nature and background, and the product is getting the attention of large number of users demographically and psycho-graphically.