SeekUX is the optimal site mapping solution for your website. Our experts make the most sophisticated document or graphical representation in hierarchical fashion of the webpages, in such order that are best suitable for any Search engine crawlers, or user and also for planning of Web Designs

As the name implies, it is the Map of your website or mobile application. Sitemaps is a visual or textually organized model of a website, mobile application, software etc. that represents the navigational options easily understandable for the users just like a map of a geographical location that helps in users to get to the required information. The sitemap represents all table of contents in a hierarchical formation. SeekUX team knows the significance of sitemaps as it is impossible without sitemaps to cater a complex process or website navigation even by trial and error.

There are many tips and tricks to do SEO for your website but what people ignore is sitemaps, SeekUX works on every single detail of a website of mobile application because we take all processes side by side. like making an effective sitemap also increases the SEO of that particular website. Sitemaps help identify changes in your website by search engines, which in other cases are slower. Sitemaps helps in classifying the site’s content. In other words we can simply say that the sitemap is the communication tool between your site and the search engine.

Not having a sitemap at all is generally a negative. For one thing, there’s no reason not to have a sitemap. It’s purely beneficial, and at worst, it’s just one extra file on your site. The only reason to avoid implementing a sitemap is if you simply can’t spare the time to keep it up to date, well thats what we’re here for.