Specification Documents or Functional Specification are documented instructions of any particular,application either web, mobile or tablet. SeekUX works on these documents, side by side of our projects, in such a way that they are easy to understand for our clients, i.e. User manuals, Case studies etc. SeekUX makes documents most favorable for your business’s success

SeekUX gives attention to details about the product, website, app and everything we do. Preparing specification documents enables us to dig more into the details and and specifying every step to develop and improvise any idea, website and app. The specification documents provides us the insight of what the product is going to do and serving the users with. The detailed specification documents provides detailed features of the product website or app. It is like the detailed product description having features, functions, specifications listed of a product.

Specification documents define the actions performed by a product, website or app not physical in nature but rather serving any needs of the users through website and apps. Specification documents serve lots of purposes for example the specification documents can formally be the written document that informs everyone on the idea developing team about tasks to be performed on the project. It shares the information that how the user will use the produc/ website or app. Some of the major benefits of specification documents for SeekUX and its clients are

  • Saves time and efforts with eliminating various communication barriers within the team.
  • Every task is documented and agreed upon between the parties.
  • Eliminate the duplication of work.
  • Attains users feedback.