Having a low user retention? Well, Thats what we’re here for! SeekUX studies your real audiences, to follow their respective task patterns. SeekUX makes sure your website/ mobile app meet your user expectations for the task layout and workflows

Its the People who use website/ mobile applications, in many different ways, with different personalities and behaviours, so its really crucial we make sure the user experience has lived up to their expectations. Here is where usability studies and testing steps in and holds such value.

As our Company’s name predict, we make & optimise websites/ mobile apps not on beliefs rather on accurate and real user behaviours. There are many tools used for usability testing, i.e. Hallway testing, Remote usability testing, Heuristic evaluation, Automated expert review, and A/B testing etc. you name them!

The reason SeekUX should be your optimal approach towards usability testing, is that we target these five simple but very important factors.

  1. Companies/ Individuals normally follow a myth about usability testing that it’s a waste of time or money, but in a broader aspect, its rather not. Usability testing helps us identify user problems they might face while performing any task, i.e. making a purchase, or even recovering a lost password etc. These evaluations helps in nullifying redesign costs which may incur in future. Its simple if you make your targeted audience that independent in handling a task, you are surely to reduce your support costs(customer service calls,emails etc.) and concentrate on you business.
  2. SeekUX makes sure you increase the user retention rate of your website/App. Many people leave the website after landing on the homepage due to bad user experiences whichever they may be or even while performing a particular task. We, at SeekUX make sure these issues be identified and taken care of, so the retention rate be increased to at least a notifiable extent.
  3. The most important task on a website, is to make a purchase, that’s why we’re all here right? SeekUX makes sure the shopping cart abandonment is reduced to the minimum. Usability testing is the most effective tool to identify the reason behind user’s abandoning the shopping cart. SeekUX solves the issue and improves your purchase rate.
  4. Usability testing helps you increase your brand’s image, because if you are failing in doing so, the user is just a click away from going to your competitor. SeekUX team makes sure the user loves spending some quality time to navigate or to perform a task on your website.
  5. The last but definitely not the least, because that’s what we’re all here for, as a website being the face of your brand, usability testing surely increases your sales and increase in sales mean increase in profits($$$).

Some people co-relate expert reviews with usability testing, both are important. Expert’s review basically identifies the issues with general usability standards and only the major usability problems, but with usability testing we are most likely to get surprised, because people have different behaviours and they always identify issues we experts couldn’t even expect of. i.e if you’re selling a high tech camera on your website, you’re just a businessman, and the targeted audience, most probably will be designers, photographers, artists. so its really hard to put standards, specially where your target audience possess a particular skill set